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Behind the Scenes

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My Story...

How I Started...


I've always been interested in design and being creative. When I had my daughter, I could never find any clothing in the shops that I liked for her to wear, so I put together a handmade vintage inspired outfit. Little did I know I'd soon be starting up my own online children's boutique and designing and manufacturing my very own exclusive kids fashion label. I soon noticed that beautiful clothing needed commercial photography. I taught myself how to take quality photos using my own little model and re-cruiting most of my friends and family's children.  

My newborn niche became clear when I required a newborn for a product shoot for my online accessories range. I was in love from the first image. No chasing little ones around parks and gardens like a crazy woman- this newly hatched little girl was made for posing. No more aiming for that perfect cheesy million dollar smile, my teeny tiny subject was perfection on her own rolled into a ball of pink bliss. I closed my online store so I could focus more on what I believe I was born to do, now I am able to push my love of design further then I ever could of imagined.


My sessions are "family budget friendly", and I believe everyone should have access to beautiful photos no matter what their financial status is. I'ts a labour of love for me, just to be able to be apart of preserving a family's heritage in digital form- for my images to be passed on to future generations to cherrish is just an awesome feeling.

I'm grateful for all the beautiful mummy-to-be's and my newborn babes who have helped me learn so much on my journey. Ive enjoyed the hands on learning. To be pooed on, spewed on and peed on are all part n parcel of this job. But the best part? Soothing a new little baby off to sleep and creating little pieces of art in each image.


I have an awesome assistant Sharlena, who helps me on each shoot. Your little ones safety and comfort are our number one priorities. The extra set of eyes and hands mean new mums can relax while we do our job.

* We are both fully immunised

* Blue Card Holder 

* First Aid CPR Certificate

* Certificate of Newborn Photography


If you would like to book a session with me in my private mini home studio, please send me a message on our booking page.

* Award Winning Photographer:

*1st Place Winner 2021 Highlights Photo Awards- Find a Photographer 

* 2019 Finalist Studio Find a Photographer Awards- Studio Design Category

*Top 4 for Queensland Photography Business 2021- Find a Photographer

*4th Place-Highlights Photo Awards 2022 Find a Photographer

*4th Place- Highlights Photo Awards 2023 Find a Photographer

* Published Photographer- Retro Vintage Review Magazine - June 2018


-Jenny x

Sol Shooter

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